Providing a Comprehensive Survey of your Window and Doors

Window and Door Cyclical Servicing

We offer a service that is essential to providing the client with a comprehensive survey of their window and doors in their properties. This not only maintains the windows and doors but the survey also provides an indication of the costing to bring them back up to standard. This service can be useful to commercial customers where they have large developments or buildings with many windows and doors. All works that are carried out are covered with 12 months guarantee.

Responsive Maintenance

Responsive maintenance is a service offered to customers where they can be safe in the knowledge if any of their windows and doors develop a problem then we will only be a call away to respond and solve.


Glazing Repairs and Replacement

Repairs to glazing might be required if your glass has not been fitted properly to your window or door causing it not to open/close properly. Does your glass feel loose when you open/close your window or door? Has the wrong type of gasket/seal been used to hold your glass in place and provide a weatherproof seal?

Replacement to your glazing will be required if your existing glass is cracked or damaged, if you have a mist or steam in between the glass that you can never clean, or if you are looking for something different to the rest why not have your replacement glass customised to your own design.

Refurbishment of Exisiting Windows & Doors

Tilt and Turn


Fully Reversible

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